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Behind the scenes photoshoot los angeles


I’ve always been inspired by and loved the whole 90’s supermodel vibe – pure and natural beauty, almost effortless. This was something I really wanted to capture for EyebrowQueen. My parents had a newsagents store and I grew up looking at the covers of glossy magazines and I was always drawn to the late Peter Lindbergh’s iconic group supermodel shots. I loved how he captured a variety of natural beauty in one shot. All of the models were unique in their looks but they always blended together with equal beauty. I wanted to show that even though we are all different, we can all feel beautiful in our unique way.

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The shoot took place in Los Angeles on a very cold (1 degree!) but beautiful beach. I chose LA because I wanted an outdoor shoot with natural light and assumed that we could guarantee good weather in LA. As it turned out it was just as cold and windy on that day as in the UK but at least we had the sun, the sea and the sand. I worked with an amazing team directed by myself and Leslie Alejandro. Photographer, Masha Maltsava, captured the shots perfectly. My good friends Francesca Abrahamovitch (make-up) and Ruslan Nureev (Hair) headed up the glam team and created gorgeous looks even with the challenge of the weather.

I wanted a light, dreamy, beautiful feel with warm creamy tones and I chose European designer, Dana Budeanu, to design the clothing and style the shoot. She created the exact feel I was looking for with the angelic dresses and textures.

The models Meredith, Bregje, Stormi, Anna, Laura and Taelor worked in an unexpected freezing cold temperature enduring take after take to bring my vision to life. Here we have the image that encapsulates the natural brow beauties that can be enhanced using EyebrowQueen products.

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Credit List:

Directors: Nilam Holmes & Leslie Alejandro
Photographer: Masha Matslava
Hair Director: Ruslan Nureev
Make up Director: Francesca Abrahamovitch
Stylist & Clothing: Dana Budeanu
BTS videographer: Erik Fischer
BTS photographer: Arsen Vasquez
Production Manager: Andrea Pelachi
Make up artist: Ernesto Casillas
Make up artist: Lilly Keyes


Blonde: Meredith Mickelson
Bronde: Bregje Heinen
Warm Brown: Stormi Bree
Medium Brown: Anna Litva
Rich Brown: Laura Woo
Black Brown: Taelor Thein

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